Treasure Trove of Old Love Letters

duffle with leather strapsold letters found


Several weeks ago after a concert I gave in which I sang “Send Me Some Love In The Mailbox”, a young lady came up and told me how much she loved my song and what special meaning it had for her.  She wanted to tell me a story about love letters which I wish to share with you.  She and her husband were cleaning out her grandparent’s house for sale and had almost completed emptying the house.  They took a final look up in the attic, and saw something tucked under the eaves in the corner.  She went to investigate and found an old leather duffel suitcase with leather straps.  She opened it up and found, to her surprise an old suitcase filled with love letters between her grandmother and grandfather.

This young lady told me how she loved and savored these remembrances of her grandparents courting days and times in their lives when they were separated by her grandfather’s travels.  She told me; “I was just lost in this beautiful, romantic world of theirs for weeks reading their letters to one another.  It just transported me to another time and place and I was amazed at how beautiful and perfect my grandmothers’ penmanship was.  It was such a treat to get this peek into my grandparents younger days.  Some of the letters almost made me blush and say to myself, ‘Grand mom, you wrote that!’ ”  I laughed, and commented that there is nothing new under the sun when it comes to romance and being in love.  She also told me that her family treasures these letters to this day.

I love this story because it illustrates what a treasure hand-written love letters are to the next generations that come along, giving them a peak into the world of love and life lived by their ancestors.

I encourage you to write some love letters to have and save for future generations to savor this week.

Your friend, Cherie

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