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I have been asked several times in the past weeks how one can learn to write a good love letter?  Of course, the answer is that like anything that may be new to you at first, like throwing a baseball, or dancing, it takes practice.  The more you practice the better you get at it.

Here are some tips to get you started:

1.  Choose a beautiful piece of stationery.  Plain white or cream is fine, but it should be a piece of paper that feels good to the touch. The first draft should be on scrap paper, so you can rewrite it, until you get it just the way you want it.

2.  Choose a pen you like and slowly practice writing the line “The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog” on scrap paper. This sentence covers all the letters of the alphabet and gets your hand flowing using a fluid line of penmanship.

3.  Savor a delicious cup of coffee or tea, and turn on some music that reminds you of significant times with this person to let your mind drift to recalling the special moments you’ve spent together.

4.  Begin the letter with an endearing salutation that you may have used in conversation; sweetheart, darling, or a pet name that is unique between the two of you.

5. Write from your heart the qualities that you love and hold dear about this person both in character and physical appearance.  Try to write it as a story remembrance of the intricate details you recall of wonderful times spent in this person’s company and how much they meant to you.  Be honest, and speak from the heart.  Grammar, spelling and penmanship are of secondary importance here.  The more detail you can write, the more evident it is to your sweetheart that you were paying very close attention to them and it’s very flattering to be remembered in exquisite detail.

6. Mention something that you are looking forward to doing with this person in the future.

7. End with Love, and sign your name, or Your darling_______,or their pet name for you.

8.  Take your favorite perfume or cologne and spray it into the air and wave the letter through it.  This allows the letter to be scented without making the ink run or getting the letter too wet.

9. Place into an envelope and mail, or if you live with this person, you can surprise them in all kinds of creative places; in their shoe, on the dashboard of their car, in their coat pocket, on top of the coffee pot, under their pillow, etc.

10.  One can also learn from good examples on-line such as the love letters between Elizabeth Barrett and Robert Browning, Napoleon to his wife Josephine, and Ronald Reagan to his wife Nancy Reagan. Just don’t use their words; remember the feelings expressed and say it in your own words.

Have fun with it and be creative…..   I’d like to end with a quote I found this week that I enjoyed greatly.

“All my life I have written letters – to our mother, our relatives, a wide circle of friends and acquaintances, to my husband, to you. Correspondence has always been as necessary to my happiness as a well-cooked dinner, and I’ve found it more sustaining for its generosity; an act of charity that returned to me a hundredfold……”

Delia Sherman,  The Porcelain Dove

Your friend, Cherie

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