Reminiscing About Real Love Letters


Hello, my name is Cherie Turlington. My mission for writing this blog is to share the stories of how hand-written letters have touched people deeply and changed their lives in meaningful ways and how letters help build deep relationships and a lasting record of personal history.

I want to encourage my readers to embrace the lost art of writing real love letters delivered by mail, as this heart-to-heart communication is becoming a rare and exquisite treasure and one that endures from one generation to the next.

To promote that idea, I’ve written a song and a book titled, “Send Me Some Love In The Mailbox” available on and Barnes and Noble. The song is also available on I-tunes and CD Baby.

My inspiration for writing “Send Me Some Love In The Mailbox”, began years ago when as a teenager, I spent a lot of quality time with my very caring great aunt named Ethel.

We all have experienced to some extent how painful those teenage, growing up years can be, trying to mature from a shy child, in my case, to a confident, mature adult. In our busy household of four children, of which I was the oldest, with both parents working to earn a living, my parents didn’t have a lot of one-on-one time to spend with their children. My great aunt Ethel, who lived right up the road from us, had that time to spend with me. She coaxed me to talk about my life struggles and the challenges of my teenage growing pains and make me feel special by the letters and cards she’d send to encourage me. She made no apologies that I was her favorite among the nieces and nephews.   She would take the time to press and glue flowers and four leaf clovers that she was adept at finding, on paper to make her own stationery and then send me beautiful hand written letters that made me feel very special.

When I went on a winter’s school break holiday to visit my grandparents in Florida at age 16, I received a special surprise letter in the mail in Florida from Aunt Ethel wishing me a pleasant week and letting me know she missed me, and our visits together.

I’ve never forgotten how warm and loved and cared for, her special notes to me made me feel.

Later on, in my twenties, at a party for my grandmother’s 80th birthday, I met many of my grandparent’s lifetime friends. One very elegant lady I met that day named Leticia, stands out in my mind to this day. I’ve never forgotten what she said to me. “Cherie, I wish you a very happy life, but I wouldn’t want to trade places with you. We grew up in a very gracious era where we regularly had time to spend with good friends and people we cared about. We got together for fun and good times with your grandparents about every weekend. It’s just not that way anymore. People don’t have time to spend personally just enjoying each other’s company the way we did.”

I might add she told me this before the technological computer era took off and texting and e-mailing began to replace the close connections of personal letters.

So I carried those thoughts of close, personal relationships with family and loved ones and the loving remembrances of my grandparent’s letters and Aunt Ethel’s letters with me into my adult life.

Decades later when I was ill for an extended period of time, dear friends regularly sent me encouraging letters in the mailbox. I found myself thanking them for “Love in the Mailbox” and being a songwriter, this sparked the creative idea within me for a great title for a song to encourage people to write letters.

I came to realize deeply during this time period that the deep connections we forge in rich and loving relationships with those we care about is one of the most rewarding things in our lives, and one of the things we will treasure the most at the end of our lives. Feeling how deeply loved these caring letters made me feel, just like the letters I had received in the past, made me passionate about getting the word out to embrace and revitalize this slowly dying form of communication and connection between people which our technological society is slowly erasing.

I invite you to check in with next week’s blog to read the continuing story of how this passion ignited me to write my first book and publish my first song titled, “Send Me Some Love In The Mailbox.”

Until next time, I encourage you to take the time to “Send Love In The Mailbox” to those you care deeply about and I’d love to hear your stories of how letters from loved ones have touched your heart in a meaningful way.


Your friend, Cherie

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