Relationship First Aid via a Good Love Letter

This week I met a lovely lady at a beautiful winery out in the countryside of Maryland.  We got to talking about my book and love letters and she told me she had been married for nearly forty years.  She said to me that many years ago, she had written her husband a heartfelt love letter, but felt uncomfortable about giving it to him, so had kept it in her drawer.  Somewhere along this forty-year journey of marriage they hit troubled water and separated for a while.  She dug out that love letter after seven years and finally gave it to him.   She told me, it touched him deeply and they got back together again.  Her husband  asked why she’d kept this letter for so long and never given it to him. Her comment was,  “I didn’t think you would be in to that sort of thing.”  He asked her, “Whatever made you think I wouldn’t be?!!!!”  He actually loved her love letter and they went on to repair their differences and enjoy forty years of married life. A true and rare accomplishment these days!

I would like to make the point here that men really do like a good love letter, as much as any woman!  Who wouldn’t love receiving words that tell them they are deeply loved and cherished by another human being and to have their attributes praised and acknowledged in a tangible form that they can read over and over.   What a special treasure when it comes from the woman they promised to love and honor for a lifetime!  All humans, be it male or female, have a hunger for love, praise and affection, all feelings that can be poured out in a magnanimous way through a well crafted letter.

If you would be interested in receiving coaching from me to help you write a letter  to create that heart-to-heart-connection, whoever they may be, contact me at

Connect with someone through  a special letter this week.

Your friend, Cherie

2 thoughts on “Relationship First Aid via a Good Love Letter

  1. Jennifer Porter

    Your blog inspires me. I know I am married to the kind of man who thrives on praise, and kind words of affection. Everyone wants to hear they are loved but some need this gesture more than others.
    A good friend of mine told me today that she is going to divorce her second husband. She feels trapped in a loveless marriage and wants to be released from it.
    I know all too well how tough marriage can be. I know also the joys of trudging the road to happy destiny ‘together’ is a journey often worth sticking too, even and especially, when it gets hard.
    I want to make a difference in my partner’s life, and sometimes, if not always, that means I will be doing things I don’t want to do and don’t feel like doing.
    Although letter writing falls under the “I don’t feel like it category”, I am committed to doing one.
    I don’t want my marriage at worst to be another statistic, or covered with the cobwebs of self interest and taking each other for granted.

    • CherieT Post author

      Thank you so much for your comments and I am so happy that this blog has inspired you to write love letters to your husband.



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