The Powerful Impact Of Love Letters After the Death Of A Loved One

Love letters leave such a powerful legacy behind for our loved ones to remember us by.  I recently heard a good story that illustrates the power of letters.

A couple had been happily married for well over forty years.  In the husband’s final years he got dementia and began to forget things and be difficult to live with and say mean things to his wife because he often did not remember who he was.  His wife was beside herself with dealing with him and with the pain of losing, in a very real sense, the caring man she has loved for so many years. When he had an accident and fell resulting in his death, she felt guilty about being somewhat relieved that her difficult dealings with her husband were finally at an end.  She truly grieved such an inappropriate ending with no closure to their loving marriage of over forty years.

Several months later she was sitting in his chair in his home office and felt something funny in the chair.  She looked closer and found a piece of paper stuck down between the cushion and the arm of the chair.  Pulling it out she found a love letter to her, written by her husband in one of his lucid moments in their final year together.

She cried and cried reading these words of deep love and appreciation written to her by the man who had cherished her, and it brought everything full circle for her.  She had loving words to remember him by, powerfully left in the words of a letter for her to find after his death stating how much he really did love her.

As this New Year begins, I encourage you to send some love in a letter to someone you care deeply about!

Your friend, Cherie

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