Inspiring History via Juliette Gordon Low

History has a way of inspiring and teaching us good lessons if we listen with our hearts open.  Five or so years ago, I visited Savannah, Georgia and toured the home of Juliette Gordon Low, Founder of the Girl Scouts.  As we viewed her beautiful home, the guide told us the remarkable story of her life in intimate detail.  The tour guide ended by saying, “we wouldn’t be able to tell you Juliette Low’s life story in this amazing detail except for the fact that her family wrote extensive letters and they never threw any of them away.”

This statement hit me like a thunderbolt!  I’d already been playing around with the idea of writing a song about “Love In The Mailbox” inspired by all the letters I”d received during a long illness which I was already thanking my friends for.  Now I was struck by the thought that our technological age was creating a situation, where with texting and deleting, the current generation would not have any tangible personal history in the form of real letters at the end of their lives.  I doubted young people were even aware that this was occurring and I became passionate about getting the message out to reclaim this lost art.  The idea was born within me to encourage people to write real love letters which led me to write a song and a book both titled “Send Me Some Love In The Mailbox.”

In story after story down through history you read about letters building deep and meaningful human relationships.  Men have wooed and won women through the written words of love letters.  Couples and dear friends have endured separation due to war and geographical distance and grown closer through the power of sharing their hearts in letters.

When we write using our hand as a direct outlet of our thoughts, we use both sides of our brain, allowing us to communicate from our hearts in a way that reaches others in a deeper way than the spoken word.  The fact that the recipient can read the words over and over reinforces the message being sent.

I’d like to end this blog with a glorious historical quote from a love letter which we still have the privilege of reading centuries later written by Napoleon to his Josephine.

“I have not spent a day without loving you; I have not spent a night without embracing you; I have not so much as drunk a single cup of tea without cursing the pride and ambition which force me to remain separated from the moving spirit of my life.

In the midst of my duties, whether I am at the head of my army or inspecting the camps, my beloved Josephine stands alone in my heart, occupies my mind, fills my thoughts.”

Until next time be sure to “Send Some Love In The Mailbox” to those you hold dear to your heart.  You never know, it might be read and relished centuries from now by those who follow in your footsteps.

Your friend, Cherie

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