How To Open The Door To Vulnerability?

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“Most men live lives of quiet desperation and go to the grave with their song still in them.”

Henry David Thoreau

To move beyond a life of quiet desperation and being numb, to a life of feeling fully alive involves the risk of moving through a door called vulnerability.  To live bravely as our authentic self and to be truly seen for who you are is the utmost in courageousness.

Brené Brown calls vulnerability “the birthplace of joy, love, belonging, true intimacy and faith.”

So many of us grew up believing that vulnerability is weakness.

So we chased our Western culture’s definition of success and we climbed the proverbial ladder of success and achievement only to find it to be a hollow ladder leaning against the wrong house.  Along this ego driven path, we lost our true selves;  the ability to feel truly alive, to laugh in the moment, to connect on a deep level with those we love, to embrace living and to feel a deep sense of joie de vive!   What many of us did not learn is how to live in the present moment and take in pleasure with all five of our senses which helps bring the balance back into our lives.

People who live in this state of whole hearted bliss, great joy and deep connection have learned that the key is to go bravely through the door of vulnerability.  Brené Brown states, “Vulnerability is the truest assessment of courage.”

Do you know how to open the door of vulnerability with those you love?

Where do you start?

May I suggest you start with a powerful, handwritten love letter!  As a Romance Revivalist and a coach for writing heirloom love letters, I have seen firsthand the power of a heartfelt letter to open frozen connections between hearts.  You have the privacy of opening up your heart through words in a letter in a way that will move the recipient’s heart in a deep way, body, mind and soul.  These dear words of love, praise and admiration which the recipient can read over and over again, opens another’s heart in a profound way and builds deep connections.

I can provide coaching for you to find the words to express yourself in a vulnerable heart-connecting way to the degree that you are comfortable with.  This valuable skill builds a bridge of connection through the vulnerability of expressing your true heart in the “language of love” in the written form.

Take the chance today to open that door of joy and connection with the one you hold dear by taking advantage of my coaching and write an heirloom letter that will not only build a deep connection with the the one you love today, but will live on as a legacy of enduring connection for generations to come.

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