Grandparents and “Love in the Mailbox”


It has been said that as a grandparent you get to have all the fun with your grandchildren and skip the hard work.  You can give them back to their parents when you’re tired!  You also have the awesome opportunity to share powerful words and handwritten letters with them that can help build their self-esteem and live on to serve them well, long after you’re gone.  “Letters of love and encouragement to grandchildren are sweet containers of your love and hugs that they can read over and over again”, quoted from “Send Me Some Love In The Mailbox.”

I heard a story this week from a friend of mine who is a grandmother who has been writing letters to her two grandchildren who are 14 and 8.  They both treasure her letters.  The youngest was sick and said to her Mom that they needed to call grand mom and let her know they were sick.  The mom asked, “Why?”  The young girl replied, “Because grand mom will send us a get well letter in the mail.”  This grandmother has offered to email her grandchildren, but they prefer her to write them “real letters” which she now signs “love in the mailbox” since she’s been hanging around me!

I treasure the letters I have from both of my grandmothers and a great-aunt who are all now deceased.  Their loving care and advice and warm wishes live on in their beautiful letters to me when I was a young girl and a teenager.  This also helps preserve the legacy of family history being passed on from one generation to the next.

I’ll end with this quote by Joyce Allston:  “Grandparents, like heroes, are as necessary to a child’s growth as vitamins.”

“Send some Love in the Mailbox” to your grandchild today!


Your friend, Cherie

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