Fifty Year Anniversary



As I have been invited to a Fiftieth anniversary party this weekend, I reflect on all the words and letters this couple have exchanged with each other in fifty years!   I am giving them the gift of a song I wrote that I hope will reflect the love they’ve shared on their golden anniversary.


Excerpt of lyrics from the song “Fifty Years” by Cherie Turlington – all rights reserved

In both of your hands long ago,

God placed a treasure

A great pearl beyond measure

Rarer than the finest ruby

The gift of a heart, so precious

A great love to hold and cherish


Fifty years of loving and listening

Fifty years of sharing and caring

Fifty years of being a safe haven

For each others’ heart to come home to


May you have many happy memories and letters of love to look back on at the end of a long life filled with love and sharing.

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