Feeding the Flame of Love through Love Letters

When people are dating they think of the words to say to encourage and love one another rather easily.

Oftentimes after people are married they don’t realize they’ve signed up for a lifetime of working on a relationship. It’s like a fire, each day it must be fed with kindling and fresh wood, or the flame will go out. In the same way, a lifetime of marriage requires regular fuel of romance, kind affirmations and encouraging words.

If the words are cruel, sarcastic and cutting the end result will be ashes rather than a warm glowing fire that warms the heart. The definition of sarcasm in its original form is “rending or tearing the flesh.”

Words are so powerful. Love letters feed the flame of the tender hearts that must stay ignited for a relationship to thrive and grow over a lifetime. To believe the best of the other person, to always look for ways to build us and to acknowledge gratitude for the companionship and comfort that your spouse brings to your life, is truly the way to keep the fire going in your relationship.

Send a love letter to someone you love today.

Your friend, Cherie

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