Divine Guidance and Dreams Becoming Reality

Hello from Cherie again.  So, as promised from my previous blog, how did this early love for letters instilled by my older relatives grow into a passion to write a book and a song promoting this lost art?

During my twenties I worked as an executive secretary and as a sales rep on the road for a national company before I got married and became a full-time wife and mother to my daughter whom I home schooled.  This whole passionate idea for promoting the idea of  encouraging the lost art of real letter writing began to grow during a long illness I went through.  Friends continually sent me letters and cards and I found myself thanking them for “Love in the Mailbox.”

Kind words build confidence.  Even more so, when you can hold those kind words in your hands and read them over and over again.  All that “Love in the Mailbox” each day from my friends was extremely healing, and it encouraged me to get well and to try new things.

One of the new things  I was learning was songwriting and it occurred to me that “Love in the Mailbox” was a great title and theme for a song.  So, I set out to write a song about this, further motivated by Nancy Reagan’s love letters from her husband, “Ronnie”.  Nancy told what a great comfort Ronnie’s letters were to her when he was stricken with Alzheimer’s Disease and no longer knew who she was.

As I was homeschooling my daughter through all 12 grades, it began to dawn on me, watching her texting and emailing friends, and then deleting, that the future generation would not have any tangible love letters to chronicle their personal life when they grew older because of the technological age in which they were growing up in.  As all homeschooling Moms will attest to, trying to get your child to learn or do something they’re opposed to doing is like trying to push a mule uphill through a swamp!  So I knew that I had to make this “old fashioned” idea of writing real letters fun to appeal to the younger generation.

I proceeded to write a catchy, upbeat song with the message I wished to convey by creating a tune I knew could easily get “stuck” in people’s heads to encourage this idea.  But how was I to get this song out in public as a middle-aged homemaker who no one knew?

I believe in Divine Guidance and a year later, after my husband passed away, I again received a creative idea sparked by a small book I’d seen in a local boutique store.  I was inspired to write a romantic, beautiful book encouraging the lost art of writing real love letters and to use the book to promote the song I’d written by including the lyrics to the song on the last page of the book.

Oftentimes when God gives us a creative idea, He does not tell us all the steps involved.  He just gives us the first one.  I sat down and I wrote the book, having no idea how I was going to publish it or do the graphics I envisioned for it.  I just took the first step, believing the rest would come.

Several months later after I finished writing the book, a publishing company called me out of the blue offering to help me self-publish this book.  I was elated!  I did my family’s dance of joy over this miracle!  Divine guidance led me to find the perfect graphic artist who I’ve never met in Corpus Christi, Texas, who already had plenty of Victorian art she’d created. We worked together beautifully via email to do the graphics for the book over the winter.

Once again Divine Guidance led me to find the perfect duo to do the musical arrangement and recording for my vision of the song and I sang and recorded it right before the book was released.  In May of 2014, my dream of creating a romantic book and a catchy song promoting “Sending Love in the Mailbox” was born and became a reality.

So until next time, don’t give up on your dreams. Believe they can become a reality, and take some time to send the ones you love some “Love In The Mailbox.”

Your friend, Cherie

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