Boosting your “Cuddle Hormone” Oxytocin with Real Love Letters









Oxytocin has received a lot of press lately as the cuddle hormone that makes us all feel much happier and more connected with others. It also makes you feel relaxed and reduces cortisol levels and the flight or fight response.  We can all use more of this hormone which comes through hugging others and according to James Altucher, “eating a meal of bananas, eggs and pepper; all rich oxytocin producing foods.”

I’d like to suggest another high oxytocin producing habit – writing real love letters to the ones you love.  According to Dr John Gray our society has changed since women have joined in the responsibility of providing for the family and this causes greater stress among women than men.  We have a greater need to produce oxytocin than men in order to remain calm and happy and when we work we have an even greater need for oxytocin producing activities.

In an article in Women’s Day 2014 – “Take a Trip to Venus With Dr. John Gray” he answers the question:  “What do you think this new culture requires?”

“There are several ingredients. One of the ingredients of this new culture is romance.  Never in history has romance become so important in a woman’s life.  Because when women are under stress, the hormone oxytocin help them cope with it. Oxytocin gets stimulated through romance and the anticipation of romance.   When the romance need is met, women are much happier, much healthier.”

So I’d like to encourage all you men out there who truly care for your wives and girlfriends, to help reduce your woman’s stress levels and keep her happy and healthier, by taking the time to surprise her with little love notes that keep the romance in your relationship alive.  For women, taking the time to write your man a love letter will surprise him and increase your feelings of romance and connection, thereby increasing your oxytocin levels.

I’ll finish up with some fun ideas of where to hide these love letters for your sweetheart to find beside the obvious of “Sending Love in the Mailbox.”    You can place them under the sun visor, inside his favorite shirt or her favorite dress, taped to the dashboard, slid under the door, in the sleeve of their favorite CD or movie, taped to the remote control, under their pillow, tucked in their shoe, or inside their coffee cup.

Take some time to give someone you love a nice boost of the cuddle hormone, oxytocin, today by surprising them with a sweet handwritten love letter!

Your friend,  Cherie


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