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You are only one well- crafted love letter away from a very memorable evening with the woman you love…
Romantic man writing a love letter

Most men love their woman but since you don’t think like a woman, you feel frustrated not knowing how to reach her in a way that really touches her heart.

Since I am a woman, let me be your private romance coach and show you how to “Be Her Hero” through my easy romance ideas, one inspiring love letter idea each month to deeply touch your woman’s heart, and romantic advice delivered privately to your email each week.

Writing a woman a love letter is like putting kindling on smoldering embers.  It  is the key to unlocking her heart just like the 4 letter
ATM code to your bank account. Let me show you how!

Has your relationship or marriage grown stale?  Are you wondering where the romance has gone? Remember how she once looked at you with her eyes were filled with adoration and love?  Imagine how great it would be if you knew the secret to turning on that love, joy, and passion anytime you wanted to.

How would it feel to have her eagerly greet you with a warm hug each evening when you arrived home and you could see that she was looking at her hero? What would it mean to you to have your woman fall madly in love with you all over again, and have that love and commitment last long term.

I can show you how to achieve this success with the woman you love with my “Be Her Hero” program. Who better to guide you in navigating the mysteries of the female heart, than a woman who understands how women, think and feel, and understands intuitively what they need? Each week you’ll receive simple, easy romantic email ideas from me that will touch her heart in a special way.

It has been said that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, but it is a little known secret that the way to a woman’s heart is through a well crafted love letter.

Ronald Reagan was a master at this and wrote many love letters to his wife Nancy. These letters, that she deeply cherished, brought her husband back to her when he was stricken with Alzheimer’s Disease.

I know first-hand the pain of losing a spouse who did not leave behind any love letters to remember him by. Let me show you how to ensure that you will never be forgotten, even if your life should end suddenly and unexpectedly.

No matter what you accomplish or achieve in this world, one of the most powerful, meaningful and significant legacies you leave behind in life as a man is to have loved one woman extremely well.

The love letters you write the woman you love through her lifetime are a tangible testimony to the achievement of your great love and will live on for future generations to read and enjoy. Let me show you how to write the letters that will leave this legacy of your love.

My “Be Her Hero” emails each week will include ideas for love letters to write to your sweetheart, romantic tips and advice that will easily make you a romantic Hero in your home. With just a few minutes of time each week you can move from a dry, stale, relationship to one that is rich, romantic and rewarding.

A woman’s heart is much like a roaring fire. If you don’t regularly put wood on it to keep it burning, the fire goes out. Regular romance is the fuel that keeps the glow alive for you in her heart. However, with a busy career, trying to think of what might keep that glow alive is often hard for a man and tends to get put on the back burner, and then his woman starts to feel neglected.

You can be the Romantic Winner who keeps that warm glow burning continually in her eyes and in her heart, just for you. With my easy Hero romantic ideas delivered to your email each week, you’ll have a year’s worth of simple, easy ideas that will surprise and delight your sweetheart and make you a Romantic Hero in your own home.

You’ll be surprised how easy it is to delight her! It really is true that it’s the simple little things done regularly that make a woman the happiest!

Here’s what Chris had to say about my program:

“My wife was all choked up when she read my first love letter to her. She thanked me five times yesterday. You’ve helped bring our relationship so much closer. I’m now a Hero in my own home. You’re the Best! Thank you!”

Don’t delay – These results can easily be yours as well!

For the simple price of $19.99 per month billed to your credit card each month, you will receive weekly ideas that will make her heart glow, and keep the romantic fires burning in your relationship.

Sign up now to order my “Be Her Hero” weekly romantic email ideas to warm her heart for just $19.99 per month. It comes with my money back guarantee if you’re not completely satisfied with the results after three months.

You’ll receive 12 inspiring love letter ideas for a love letter a month to write your sweetheart throughout the year, romantic ideas covering 5 love languages so she’ll be sure to receive her favorite language, romantic movie ideas and special ways to warm her heart delivered privately to your email each week.

It’s just that easy for you to win and become the Romantic Hero of her heart.

If I was to privately coach you for just the 12 love letters you’ll be writing in this year program, you would pay $1200- $1500 for my hourly coaching rate.  With my automated weekly emails, you’ll be receiving this $1200 value plus a year’s worth of weekly romance ideas to delight your lady, all for the discounted price of just $19.99 a month.

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